All New 9” Ford Center Section Assembled

All New Center Sections use a new PEM Iron case & Pinoin Support, Premium Bearings, New Seals, 1310 or 1330 Rear End Yoke, and Solid Pinion Spacer.

  • with Mini-Spool and Standard Gear. $ 519.00

  • with Mini-spool and LW Gear.   $ 569.00

  • with Full Steel Spool & Standard Gear. $ 609.00

  • with Full Steel Spool and LW Gear.  $  649.00

Remember all assembled Ford Gears are delivered via UPS Ground.  They are packaged in a special box and the gear is set in a plastic wrap with expanding foam.  Ensuring all assemblies are delivered in excellent shape!

9" Ford Assembled Gear Center Sections
Options Available:

  • Drag Race HD Spool

  • Aluminum or Iron Daytona Pinion Support

  • New ford style Trac Loc (posi)

  • REM ® Polishing of Gears and/or all bearings and races.

  • Forged Steel Yoke ( 1310 or 1350-28)

  • Long or Short 1330 Yoke

  • PRO 9310 Drag Race Gears

  • Xtreme Ultra Lightweight Ring & Pinion for maximum reduction of rotating weight.

  • Now! Available with Premium Street Gear Upgrade for quiet running

Remember you can make money $$$ on these gears without touching them. 

We drop ship right to your customer in 2-3 days with no paperwork.

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