9" Ford Big Bearing Cut to Length Flanged Axles
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New Big Bearing Flanged Axle for 9" Ford (cut to length).  Two lengths available
Long Axle now 33" for wider rears

  • 33” long with 9.25" of spline (28 or 31 spline available).  Heat treated for strength. Easily cut to length with chop saw.  Minimum length 26".
  • 29.5" with 10" of spline (28 or 31 spline available).  Minimum length  21.5".
  • Drilled for press in wheel studs, hole size is .685" so you can use either 1/2" or 5/8" wheel studs.
  • .470" thick x 5.944" diameter wheel flange.
  • 3 bolt patterns on hub flange: 5 x 4.5”, 5 x 4.75”, or 5 x 5”.
  • 2 3/8" Brake Offset adaptable to 2 1/2" Offset with included bearing spacer.
  • Choose bearing retainer in Torino 3/8" hole or Older Big Ford 1/2" hole.

COMBO Kit comes with axle, A-20 sealed bearing kit & retainer  (as pictured above).

We offer both 1/2” & 5/8” studs.

You can stock these in the long version (cut to fit) or fill out a custom axle chart and get the axle cut to length with bearings and studs installed (click on above link to get custom chart).

  • Cut to Length.
  • Assemble axle; press on bearing and wheel studs.
  • Access hole available.
  • Turn OD of wheel hub register.
Flanged Housing Ends Ford 9"

Now available PEM Forged Flanged Housing Ends

FlangeAxHE1/2  -  Housing End 1/2" Large,Older  Big Ford flanged axle    Racer $ 31.95 each

FlangeAxHE3/8LM  -  Housing End 3/8" Late Model, flanged axle (Torino)    Racer $ 31.95 each

Therse both fit 3.15" OD Wheel Bearing